Under Cover

Forgive me, it’s been six months since my last post… As for my excuse, I’ll use the same one I gave the congregation outreach volunteer from my church who called looking for me last week or as he phrased it, “We haven’t seen you in a while.  Do you need us?” I retorted, “Don’t worry, … Continue reading

Listen to Me…Listen to Your Mother Indianapolis

Giving Motherhood a Microphone. That’s the tagline behind a nationwide series of shows called, “Listen to Your Mother” that is playing in 32 cities across the country over the next two weeks in celebration of Mother’s Day. I have the honor of being a member of the 2014 cast of the show in Indianapolis on Sunday April … Continue reading

The Power of Humor

I have a confession to make.  I lost my funny. Losing my funny has much more significance than losing a shoe, losing a championship game or even losing one’s virginity. It was a gradual thing. Never-ending stories of bad things happening to good people can muffle the soul. Add career changes, a non-ending Polar Vortex … Continue reading

Blogger Idol – You Sucked Me In

I swore off blogger contests months ago.  The pinnacle of my shame was when I nominated myself for a Circle of Moms most humorous blogger award.  I could only muster up one shameless self-promotional Facebook status update begging my friends to vote me up the ladder to the status of top mommy jester.  Who the … Continue reading

Let’s Make 2013 The Year of Nice

A combination of national economic woes and a string of historically violent crimes has cast a particularly dark cloud over 2012. After watching several 2012 In Memorandum vignettes, it became particularly clear that the world has lost a lot of nice this year. Nice in the form of song writer Hal David, What The World Needs Now Is Love; actor … Continue reading

The Eager Beaver’s Television Interview

Anyone who was a child of the 1970’s watched talk shows. In fact, it was a lifestyle. We spent hours in front of our Magnavox Technicolor television that was tucked inside a sturdy oak cabinet and watched the likes of Mike Douglas, Dinah Shore, Johnny Carson, Merv Griffin, Bob Braun and Paul Dixon. What talk … Continue reading

Can This Eager Beaver Still Win The Pulitzer?

Wow!  It took almost 50 years, but it really happened. Three of my essays were published in a new entertainment anthology series created by former Chicken Soup for the Soul coauthors/editors, Dahlynn and Ken McKowen. Not Your Mother’s Book…On Being A Woman is a collection of hip, entertaining, enlightening and motivating contributions featuring “edgy” real-life stories on … Continue reading

Introducing My Birthday Funny Sister

An unexpected byproduct of blogging is striking up friendships with total strangers through storytelling. Today, I’m ecstatic because I just added a new link to my Blog Roll. It’s not just any link. It’s a link to a thirty-year friendship rooted at the brink of adulthood in college, between two Midwestern girls born on the same day, … Continue reading