Introducing My Birthday Funny Sister

An unexpected byproduct of blogging is striking up friendships with total strangers through storytelling.

Today, I’m ecstatic because I just added a new link to my Blog Roll.

It’s not just any link.

It’s a link to a thirty-year friendship rooted at the brink of adulthood in college, between two Midwestern girls born on the same day, 120 miles apart.

She’s my Birthday Funny Sister.  She also has a very funny biological sister, for which the name of her blog is based.

Even if I have hundreds of unread emails in my inbox, I will always read the messages from her first.

Funny Sister never fails to make me laugh.  And, even in times of sadness, she’s full of witty commentary with heart.

Funny Sister is the friend whose clothes you want to borrow, whose decorating savvy you want to emulate and whose beauty you envy.

And, the person you trust in the end to write a fun obituary for you, delete your private messages on Facebook and clean out your closet.

Her debut post, “Sweetie Pie,” is an awesomely written love story of her parents who married a month after they met and her mother’s fascinating, yet bittersweet recollection of their love.

I am so proud of Funny Sister for having the guts to push the “PUBLISH” button and thrilled that she will be sharing more of her stories with the world.  It’s like having your best friend move into the house next door.

So, kick your blogger Welcome Wagon in gear and visit my friend, Funny Sister and subscribe to her blog.

Funny Sister, no pressure.  Erma Bombeck wrote obituaries before she got her column gig.  Best of luck!

© 2012 Terri Spilman


14 thoughts on “Introducing My Birthday Funny Sister

  1. Wonderful words from one hysterical writer to another. You two are such a great story if what a great college roomate is all about. Two of the wittiest people I have the pleasure to know!! Keep on laughing!

  2. Hi ya, Funny Sister! I’ll hop on over and check it out! How nice of you to pimp your sister, Laughing Mom. 🙂

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