Please, Wear Your Mask

The Hamilton County Health Department posted this graphic to easily illustrate the effectiveness of wearing a mask to limit transmission of COVID-19 to others. Looks pretty simple, right? Yet some insist on politicizing this proven public health strategy. Masking up is the very least we can do to keep all of us safe during the … Continue reading

Harvey the Sugar Man – a sweet canine life

Harvey, affectionately known as “Harvey-Me-Boy” and “My Little Sugar Man” crossed the Rainbow Bridge on December 17, 2019.  Born on October 21, 2003, Lehr wanted to name him “Falcon” after the Humphrey Bogart film, “The Maltese Falcon.” Sounding too predatory for this two-pound fluff-ball puppy, he was named after the imaginary life-sized rabbit in the … Continue reading

A Dog Life Remembered: Lillie Beatrice Spilman

It was a beautiful, quiet Midwestern spring afternoon. The windows were open and the intoxicating scent of lilacs filled the house. I sat down with a turkey sandwich, tall glass of blackberry iced tea and the weekly small town newspaper. As I settled in, Dogzilla jumped on the table out of nowhere, like in a … Continue reading

Did My Mother Mention David Letterman is from Indiana?

Happy “David Letterman Day!” That’s right.  Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard proclaimed May 20, 2015 as “David Letterman Day” in honor of the city’s most famous resident who is retiring after 33 years as host of his ingenious late night talk show. As a resident of the area, I couldn’t be more pleased that Dave is getting … Continue reading

Under Cover

Forgive me, it’s been six months since my last post… As for my excuse, I’ll use the same one I gave the congregation outreach volunteer from my church who called looking for me last week or as he phrased it, “We haven’t seen you in a while.  Do you need us?” I retorted, “Don’t worry, … Continue reading

Celebrating One Year Of Blogging

Originally posted on funnysister:
Photo Credit:   Thank you Katie. My blog and I are celebrating one year of Worpress-ed bliss. It is our “paper” anniversary, even though this has been a paperless  year for the two of us. You might say our union was arranged… by a handful of people. A few friends encouraged…

Let’s Make 2013 The Year of Nice

A combination of national economic woes and a string of historically violent crimes has cast a particularly dark cloud over 2012. After watching several 2012 In Memorandum vignettes, it became particularly clear that the world has lost a lot of nice this year. Nice in the form of song writer Hal David, What The World Needs Now Is Love; actor … Continue reading


L*O*V*E  To the families whose hearts are breaking with the loss of their precious angels and to the community of Newtown, Connecticut.

The Eager Beaver’s Television Interview

Anyone who was a child of the 1970’s watched talk shows. In fact, it was a lifestyle. We spent hours in front of our Magnavox Technicolor television that was tucked inside a sturdy oak cabinet and watched the likes of Mike Douglas, Dinah Shore, Johnny Carson, Merv Griffin, Bob Braun and Paul Dixon. What talk … Continue reading