Harvey the Sugar Man – a sweet canine life

Harvey, affectionately known as “Harvey-Me-Boy” and “My Little Sugar Man” crossed the Rainbow Bridge on December 17, 2019.  Born on October 21, 2003, Lehr wanted to name him “Falcon” after the Humphrey Bogart film, “The Maltese Falcon.” Sounding too predatory for this two-pound fluff-ball puppy, he was named after the imaginary life-sized rabbit in the 1950 movie, “Harvey” starring Jimmy Stewart.

Harvey lived a life of leisure with his retired parents as his days were filled with playing with his many toys, napping and following his mommy and daddy’s every move.  Which meant a lot of napping, eating table scraps and watching Lifetime television murder mysteries.  He also developed the agility skills of a jaguar having to dodge being sat upon and stepped on as the son of two people “in the elderly.”  Harvey had a favorite toy, Jesse, that he enjoyed “loving” in a cardinal fashion even as his arthritis set in.  Way to go Harvey!

Harvey liked to take rides in his special car seat in his parents’ 1987 Lincoln Town Car.  He was also a man of fashion adorning many hats, ties and sweaters for every special occasion.  Perhaps Harvey was best known for his big, wide toothy smile that seemed to engulf his entire face.

Though Harvey lived his perfect-life, he did present a few headaches for mommy, daddy and his canine cousins.  He had a unique way of communicating his displeasure if Lehr was talking too long to the neighbors by peeing on his leg or peeing on the neighbors. He was also known to casually drop a few strategically located chocolate bombs in the house or lift his leg on the furniture if he was left alone too long or if another canine guest over-stayed their welcome.

Harvey had quite a run living until 16 years of age. He is sorely missed though we know he is at peace and prancing around heaven with our previous dogs Chelsea, Sammy, Muffin, Katy and Bo – no doubt sharing their trials, tribulations and joys of being a Lehr canine.

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