The Power of Humor

I have a confession to make.  I lost my funny. Losing my funny has much more significance than losing a shoe, losing a championship game or even losing one’s virginity. It was a gradual thing. Never-ending stories of bad things happening to good people can muffle the soul. Add career changes, a non-ending Polar Vortex … Continue reading

Can This Eager Beaver Still Win The Pulitzer?

Wow!  It took almost 50 years, but it really happened. Three of my essays were published in a new entertainment anthology series created by former Chicken Soup for the Soul coauthors/editors, Dahlynn and Ken McKowen. Not Your Mother’s Book…On Being A Woman is a collection of hip, entertaining, enlightening and motivating contributions featuring “edgy” real-life stories on … Continue reading

Why Midlife Women Don’t Drive Corvettes

I can honestly say that I have never met a woman going through a midlife crisis who has the urge to trade in her mini-van for a Corvette.  We tend to make midlife splurges on high power shape wear, department store anti-aging cream and for the especially brave and vain, Botox. Menopause brings with it … Continue reading