A McPlea for the McFun Muffler


The McFun Muffler painted carrots on the wall of my McDonald’s.

There’s a McJackass on the loose and they are taking all the McFun out of McDonald’s.

The McDonald’s in my town was just rebuilt from the ground up.

A well-deserved rebuild, considering this fast food joint earned social mecca status in 1978.

Somehow ordering a diet soda cancelled out the calories of the large order of french fries consumed on a Friday night while cruising around the parking lot in high school.

Those were the good old days.

Who hasn’t ordered a Big Mac after a night at the bars?

And, the luxury of scarfing down that “two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun” mouthful of goodness in the privacy of one’s own vehicle can’t be beat.

To McDonald’s credit, prices really haven’t changed all that much over the years and the quality of the food has stayed the same.

Where else can you buy supper for under 5 dollars?

And the golden, salty goodness of the french fries?

McDonald’s has the cheapest soft-serve ice cream cone in town.

Sometimes everybody just needs a little McDonald’s.

So when I walked into the shiny, new Golden Arches, I was surprised and quite frankly, disappointed to see murals of vegetables all over the walls.


10 foot tall carrots gracing the walls of a fast food joint?

The only carrot-top I want to see is Ronald himself.

Who is the McFun Muffler and who are they kidding?

I don’t want drawings of carrots on the walls of McDonald’s.

I want to see a huge Big Mac, in all of it’s artery-hardening decadence.

I want to feel good about just ordering my dollar iced coffee and cheeseburger off the value menu.

If I’m especially cranky or hormonal, I want my salty fries, damn it and I don’t want to be judged for it.

If I wanted to eat a salad, I’d fix one a home.

McDonald’s knows we need a break from cooking.

big macHey McFun Muffler, where is the caramel sauce for the apple dippers?

A very McDipsh*t move.

And the very idea of banning Happy Meals is insane.

Did anyone ever stop to consider maybe it’s the parents who want the toys?

I could not beat it to McDonald’s fast enough to grab the collection of Little Mermaid accessories when I was my daughter was going through her princess phase.

I’m thinking about going through the 24 hour drive-thru at this very moment just to get the Batman collection!

You see, McFun Muffler, no one really wants to grow up.

We need our McDonald’s without guilt.

We need a break, today.

Please consider this McPlea for help.

Signed, a McFan.

13 thoughts on “A McPlea for the McFun Muffler

  1. Haha, do they even use carrots in any of their food??? At least they could have picked tomatoes for the ketchup and potatoes for the fries. I never step in a McDonald’s restaurant, so I won’t be able to tell you if they’re doing the same in California.

  2. LOL Loved the McDipSh#t word. πŸ™‚ I gave up fast food years ago, and my arteries harden just driving past one, but if I were to backslide…It would involve a Big Mac & a large fry πŸ˜‰

  3. McMama, Loved this one a LOT! May be one of my top 10 favs of yours. So controversial you are. I hope all the vegans come out and jump all over this and you get into a smackdown! And I totally agree with you…where in the hell is the apple dipping sauce. If I want to dip my apples, I should be able to dip my apples. It’s a free country the last time I checked it. At least I could get order it on the side or something. RUDENESS!!

  4. It’s a Mcload of crap & it annoys me – for a different reason. They are feeling the pressure to offer healthy options – merely putting artsy veggies on the walls & offering a salad is insulting. It does not fool us. We all KNOW their food is completely manufactured….but I agree…if you are seriously cravin’ Mickey D’s – it is not a salad you have a hankerin’ for….so Supersize it Sister!

  5. Seriously, too funny!

    I mean there’s food that’s good for you. There’s food that’s bad for you. And then’s there’s food that may be bad for you but is so, so good.

    A Diet Coke and a large carton of extra-salty fries. Hold the carrots. We have to make some sacrifice, yes?

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