Did My Mother Mention David Letterman is from Indiana?

Happy “David Letterman Day!” That’s right.  Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard proclaimed May 20, 2015 as “David Letterman Day” in honor of the city’s most famous resident who is retiring after 33 years as host of his ingenious late night talk show. As a resident of the area, I couldn’t be more pleased that Dave is getting … Continue reading

Celebrating 14 Years of Marriage at the Ivory Tower

It’s only appropriate that the traditional wedding anniversary gift for 14 years of marriage is ivory. For this year, we will be celebrating at the office together. Refuge.  Respite.  Asylum.  Escape.  My workplace. I love my job and I love being in the office. It’s quiet, cozy, warmly lit with household table lamps and often … Continue reading

Teenage Time Warp – I’m 47 And I Just Got Carded

Well tonight is the neighborhood mixer.  It’s B.Y.O.B. – Bring Your Own Beverage.  The term “booze” was used in one of last year’s promotional flyers and raised eye-brows among a few of the younger folk.  Guess people don’t keep a bottle of Early Times whiskey on their oak, mirrored bar in the middle of the family room … Continue reading