Why Midlife Women Don’t Drive Corvettes

I can honestly say that I have never met a woman going through a midlife crisis who has the urge to trade in her mini-van for a Corvette.  We tend to make midlife splurges on high power shape wear, department store anti-aging cream and for the especially brave and vain, Botox. Menopause brings with it … Continue reading

Mrs. Dude, You’re Hired!

Just when I’ve gotten used to labeling myself a housewife, I’m attempting to re-enter the workforce.  I know, it’s great timing.  Nothing like pounding the pavement in a downward economy when I haven’t done anything but child rear’in and house clean’in for the past seven years.  I’m picturing myself crammed into my dusty Casual Corner black suit, … Continue reading

How About Some Tidy Bowl Relief

We live in a beautiful ranch style house, circa 1989, nestled in a quiet, all-american suburban neighborhood.    As with most houses from this era, ours could use some major updating. Lucky for us, the current White House administration has incentivized all Americans to purchase more efficient appliances, water heaters and cooling/heating systems.  There are also tax breaks … Continue reading