Fifty, Fuzzy and Fabulous

“Really? I still feel 16.” That’s what my brain said to my body the morning of my 50th birthday. Most of the time, it’s hard to remember I’m half a century old.  It’s hell to have peach fuzz on my brain and above my upper lip. Sure, a lot has changed over the years. In … Continue reading

A Cougar with Benefits

It’s been haunting me for almost 365 days. Everytime I look at a blank wall, I see a gigantic shadowy “5-0” staring back at me. Really, what’s the big deal about turning 50?  Clifford the Big Red Dog, Amelia Bedelia and Denny’s are all blowing out 50 big ones this year. I was just getting … Continue reading

Flashing the Congregation with Some Hot Cross Buns

“Hey mom, is that your wedding dress?” That’s the question I got this morning from my young daughter who has rarely seen me wear a dress. Quite simply, because I don’t like to wear dresses. Fifty years, a nine-month stint carrying a human being inside of me and several hundred varicose veins later, my pegs … Continue reading

Orthotics, The Other Glass Slipper

“I didn’t marry you for your feet.” Obviously, that quote is attributed to a breast man or an ass man. Let’s just say that New York Jet’s coach, Rex Ryan would not have asked for my hand, or rather my foot in marriage. Fred Flintstone feet is the most popular keyword phrase generating search engine … Continue reading

We Tied One On For Valentine’s Day

Cupid trades in his signature diaper for a pink necktie at our house on Valentine’s Day. Thank heavens for little girls and the establishment of this awesome yearly tradition that keeps one little girl’s father in Pinkatastic work wear all year long. Giving a necktie as a Valentine’s Day gift is very practical and a … Continue reading

Channeling My Inner Mrs. Potato Head

Lately, I can’t get enough potatoes. If the spuds are mashed, shredded, fried, baked, scalloped or boiled…bring them on! As a matter of fact, I’m spending a lot of time in my pantry contemplating life over a bag of salt and vinegar potato chips.  Ahhh, to be Mrs. Arthur Treacher. I find potatoes are an … Continue reading

A Golden Christmas Starring Ruffmary Clooney

I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I drove all over town shopping for a holiday dress for my daughter that matches the dog’s Christmas dress. Yes, you read that right – to match the dog’s dress. While dressing up a pet for the holidays might seem a little obsessive, there’s just something about a … Continue reading

It’s Confirmed, I’m A Church Lady

Get out the cross cake, pass the nut mix and serve-up some sherbet punch because we’re having a confirmation party on my blog. As mentioned in my recent post, The Buttery Burger Blessing I’ve been attending a Discovery Class at a local church. I discovered…that religion is kind of like golf.  Despite the fancy club houses and … Continue reading