Born Again Tailgaters

We have a new obsession – college football tailgating. You might say, we are born again tailgaters. Not because we have become Oral Roberts’ fans, rather we have rediscovered the joys of heading out onto the open road with food, drinks and spirit wear in tow, to cheer on our favorite college football teams. There’s … Continue reading

Dogzilla, Man’s Best Friend?

It was a beautiful, quiet Midwestern spring afternoon.   The windows were open and the intoxicating scent of lilacs filled the house. I sat down with a turkey sandwich, tall glass of blackberry iced tea and the weekly small town newspaper. As I settled in, Dogzilla jumps on the table out of nowhere, like in a slasher movie. Iced … Continue reading

Is The Male Robin A Perfect Baby Daddy?

Spring has sprung.  Mother nature never fails to put on a spectacular show in our backyard featuring fragrant lilacs, light violet clematis, purple Irises and bright red roses all flanked  by a lush carpet of bright green grass.   However, the real star of the show is always the Robin feathering her nest for her new brood.  This year, the … Continue reading

Greetings From Camp Puke

Greetings from Camp Puke!  What a thrilling three days.  Activities include Bathroom Races, Moaning Contests and Laundry Marathons.  We even get to sleep on the floor.  The camp food is great — all the Gatorade and Saltine crackers you can hold down.  Wish you were here!  Ooo, gotta go, it’s my turn to drive the bus.  Love ya.  See … Continue reading

The Laughing Daughter

Storytelling is considered a sport in my family.  Nothing gives my parents greater joy than having a laugh at the expense of one of their children or each other.  I was inspired to start this Blog by my family as an outlet for the random thoughts of a stay-at-home mom.  I have to say that lately, … Continue reading

Mock Job, A Trial Run

I haven’t worked outside of the home for almost six years.   My husband would say, “Six years without a paycheck.”  So when the opportunity arose to participate in a two-day  research study that paid a couple hundred dollars, needless to say, I was very interested.  After enduring years of  a small child and Type A Golden Retriever not really listening … Continue reading

Banned From Von Maur: A Story For The Ladies

I may be officially banned from Von Maur department store after two recent incidents. It started last Thursday with a Spanx incident involving a fellow shopper resembling “Ma Kettle” with a Pete Rose haircut. Together, we made our virgin voyage into the vast sea of Spanx. I was in conversation with the sales clerk as … Continue reading