An Incredible Random Act of Patriotism

I can’t think of a better Memorial Day tribute than watching Brett, an American Airlines employee who spontaneously sang the national anthem while working in the airport terminal last fall on the tenth anniversary of the 9/11.  If you have written a Memorial Day tribute, or have read a nice piece that you would like … Continue reading

Why Midlife Women Don’t Drive Corvettes

I can honestly say that I have never met a woman going through a midlife crisis who has the urge to trade in her mini-van for a Corvette.  We tend to make midlife splurges on high power shape wear, department store anti-aging cream and for the especially brave and vain, Botox. Menopause brings with it … Continue reading

DIY Home Decor Blogs – A Great Happy Pill

“I actually made a chandelier out of my gallstones, IV tubing and some hospital socks, but you don’t really want to see that….” –Miss Mustard Seed on getting her gallbladder removed.   Ever feel like you need a “happy pill” to calm your nerves after a hard day at work, going six-rounds with the kids and … Continue reading

An Incredible Random Act of Patriotism

“Why would we want to remember such a horrible day when so many people were killed?”  That was the question my husband and I were asked by our seven year-old daughter when attempting to answer her original question, “What is 9/11?” Ten years later, the events of that day are still difficult to articulate, especially in a non-frightening … Continue reading

Crock-Pot Luck

Crockery Cookery author, the late Mable Hoffman, must be rolling over in her heavenly slow-cooker.  If you have a Facebook account, chances are pretty good you noticed a majority of your friends liking a page titled, Crock Pot Girls over the last few days.  You may have even pressed the Like button because you have an interest in crock-pot … Continue reading

Dog Walking Is The New Yoga

When did yoga become a country club sport? If I had a dollar for every time a friend declared that yoga has changed their life, I might actually be able to afford to take a class. And, buy fancy schmancy yoga gear with a spa pedicure to boot. Don’t even get me started on the … Continue reading

Eat Like A Bird

Eat Like A Bird In an attempt to drive home a message to its members that, “if you eat like a bird, you will lose weight”, the Weight Watchers in my town is apparently co-branding with Wild Birds Unlimited.   It’s actually a brilliant move.  Co-branding is the original “two heads are better than one” marketing strategy.  … Continue reading

It’s Football Season – Have An Affair

It’s that time of the year again when honey-do lists across the country are cast aside for entire days spent in arm chairs yelling at television sets, eating junk food and guzzling beer.  Yes, football season is upon us.  Many women, commonly referred to as “football widows” take on the role of single parent and sole house taker until … Continue reading

What In The Hell Do You Do All Day?

“What in the hell do you do all day?”  It’s the number one question stay-at-home moms get asked.  I could bore you with details of my time being filled with household cleaning, errand running, volunteering, or fulfilling the need for “just me” time. However, the truth is, I really don’t know what in the hell … Continue reading