It’s Football Season – Have An Affair

It’s that time of the year again when honey-do lists across the country are cast aside for entire days spent in arm chairs yelling at television sets, eating junk food and guzzling beer.  Yes, football season is upon us.  Many women, commonly referred to as “football widows” take on the role of single parent and sole house taker until … Continue reading

Born Again Tailgaters

We have a new obsession – college football tailgating. You might say, we are born again tailgaters. Not because we have become Oral Roberts’ fans, rather we have rediscovered the joys of heading out onto the open road with food, drinks and spirit wear in tow, to cheer on our favorite college football teams. There’s … Continue reading

College Football – This Weight Watchers’ Nemisis

The white-haired Judds are now on week 8 of the Weight Watchers program.  I am proud to report that my mother and I have lost a combined total of 27 pounds.  We’ve done a stellar job of keeping the points spread low, attending practice and following rigorous training techniques.  That is until college football season came upon us. This week I dreaded … Continue reading

Minnie and Paul vs The Mall

(Sing to the tune of “Green Acres”) Target Field is the place to be. Baseball livin’ is the life for me. Bluegrass spreadin’ out so far and wide. Keep the malls, just give me that ballpark life. The Mall of America is where I’d rather stay. I get allergic watching too much play. I just adore a Bloomingdale’s view. Dah-ling I love … Continue reading