Seriously, Leave Barbie Alone

Barbie explores Mars and she's not afraid of helmet head.

Barbie explores Mars and she’s not afraid of helmet head.

Lean In…come closer…closer…Pssst…Leave Barbie alone.


It seems as though lately everyone is out to get this American toy treasure charging her with diminishing young girls self esteem in the form of a proposal to ban Girl Scout Barbie badges to creating a doll the more accurately mimics a female figure. It is absolutely ridiculous to blame an eleven inch plastic doll as being the root cause of poor self body image among girls.

Barbie is fun.

It is fun to pick out a different colorful, hip outfit – accessorized to the hilt – complete with a matching belt, fashionable plastic jewelry, a cute little purse.  Not to mention the honing of fine motor skills for little fingers gained from trying to cram Barbie’s petite feet into those teeny-tiny plastic pumps.

When the quintessential child clothing company Carter comes out with a marble-blue vinyl knee-length overcoat lined with blue faux fur and matching stiletto boots to emulate Barbie clothes, then there may be cause for concern.

Wonder woman Barbie

Wonder Woman enjoying a delicious Barbie prepared meal of roast Turkey leg and pasta. The girl needs her carbs – she’s saving the world.

Barbie has healthy eating habits.  She doesn’t stand in her Dream House kitchen pantry eating potato chips by the handful out of the bag.

She drinks orange juice, milk and serves healthy entrees like roasted turkey to guests – cool guests, like the Collector’s Edition Wonder Woman Barbie.

Ken has never worn a suit or carried a brief case.  He probably has his Speedo in his shoulder bag.

Ken has never worn a suit or carried a brief case. He probably has his Speedo in his shoulder bag.

Barbie is a career woman.  She’s been an Astronaut, Teacher, Doctor, Veterinarian, Dentist, Babysitter, Surfer and Chef to name a few of her occupations.  Yes, she is gainfully employed.

She not only wants to work, she really has no choice with a boyfriend like Ken.  The only suit the man has ever worn is his bathing suit.  Though, Barbie’s loveable surfer dude does get props for always bringing flowers.

So what if she has big boobs and a tiny waist?  It’s fun!

Lammily, shammily.  Have you ever heard of Skipper?  The less voluptuous, not so flashy dresser, younger sister of Barbie?  She didn’t sell so well, though successful crowdfunding will surely send this little Lam to the factory production line.

Barbie's new competition, Lammily.

Barbie’s new competition, Lammily.

We’ll see how long it takes Lam to hit the Bonnie Bell counter for a lip smacker or Justice for some mustache earrings.

It is doubtful that Barbie is having an influence on the trend in provocative teen selfies flooding the pages on Instagram.  Barbie has long been packed up and put into the attic by those teen years.

Let’s stop blaming Barbie.

26 thoughts on “Seriously, Leave Barbie Alone

  1. Seriously, that’s her name?

    I agree with you. I actually think Barbie, PJ & Francine were multi-faceted gals. But they’re DOLLS…..

    I think the bigger problem is the digitized photos in every magazine article & ad. We have a warped perception of what real body parts on real people look like.

    I still have my Barbie doll collection, their fab wardrobes, the Winnebago, the dune buggy & boat in a closet. This post reminded what FUN those girls are!

    • Alright, we are totally playing Barbies next time I’m at your house. My mom gave mine away. As much as I love magazines, the airbrushing is not doing any of any favors. Just have to realize it’s an art form and not necessarily true to life.

  2. Not sure why the news media is all over Barbie! Hypocrites! Have you tuned into any daytime talk show/news show lately where the hosts don’t look like a Barbie or one of her gal pals? All those sleeveless shifts. Mixed messages for sure!

  3. You’re right. And as funnysister said, the warped images of people all over the media are probably far more harmful – kids know those people are real and they don’t tend to factor photoshop into those thoughts (well not just kids actually!) but generally they understand that dolls are not real. When I was a little girl I remember looking at certain people on TV and in magazines and wishing I was them, but I don’t ever remember wishing I was a plastic doll! As you say, Barbies ARE fun. Yay for Barbie!

  4. That was a fun read. I have great memories of “Barbie” and all her accessories. It was a blast. We should be more concerned about the violent garbage so many feed their children through movies and video games. Barbie is innocent.

  5. You gals bring your Barbies to Erma, I don’t think we can play unless you bring the styling head and then I’ll bring my hair accessories and blue eyeshadow. Barbie bashing…BAH!!

  6. I loved Barbie. I had the dream house and the psychedelic van and the styling head. (I loved the styling head, nurse mommy) Hours of fun! But, as Vanessa-Jane Chapman and funnysister said, Barbie is a doll. I don’t have a single friend who thought she could be Barbie if she just wore the right makeup and the right plastic pumps. I did, however, have a lot of friends who were convinced that they could be Farrah Fawcett if they dieted more and had the right haircut. Magazines and the entertainment industry are far more damaging to a girl’s self-image than a doll.

  7. I loved playing with my Barbies when I was a kid!! My mom sewed outfits for them which are still around and in use. Several years ago I pulled out my Barbies for my nieces when they were in town for a visit. Their comment: “You have the old-fashioned ones!” Until then, I had no self-esteem issues related to the girl. The pic of Barbie’s competition looks fine enough…but I have to say her name is the stupidest thing ever. She’s going to fail just based on that.

  8. You should have seen the way I played with my Barbie dolls when I was a kid. First, I got them from my cousin because I’d never asked for them. Second, they were going on life threatening adventures so they couldn’t wear those skimpy clothes. Third, I’m not sure how many of them came back alive. Oh, and my cat chewed all of their tiny feet off! Apparently that plastic tastes really good.

    I love your comment on Carter clothes, by the way. Have you seen what some of those 6 year old girls wear? As a mother of boys, I want to barf. And cover my kids’ eyes when they see that. I think Julia Roberts wore the adult version in Pretty Woman…

  9. Totally with you on this! Barbie can also turn her head 360 degrees, guess all the girls will be trying that now. Or maybe not, just maybe girls are smart enough to know play from reality.

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