Celebrating 14 Years of Marriage at the Ivory Tower

ivory tower wedding cakeIt’s only appropriate that the traditional wedding anniversary gift for 14 years of marriage is ivory.

For this year, we will be celebrating at the office together.

Refuge.  Respite.  Asylum.  Escape.  My workplace.

I love my job and I love being in the office.

It’s quiet, cozy, warmly lit with household table lamps and often the sound of classical music plays in the background.

No barking dog, no Disney Channel blaring and no one screaming, “feed me woman” every five minutes.

After several years spent as a stay-at-home mom, my part-time job is a wonderful retreat.

So what happens to that retreat when your real husband becomes your work spouse?

My husband and I are not employed by the same company, however, we are now sharing the same office space.

It’s kind of like our wedding reception when all our worlds collided – family, high school friends, college friends and now co-workers.

Prior to our first day in the office together, a few ground rules were set.  No bickering, no insults.  Only professionalism at it’s finest.

So our first encounter involved my husband arriving at my cubicle while I was completely bent over plugging in my computer.

What normally would have resulted in a playful faux cowboy complete with a white-man’s overbite and him waving  an invisible lasso, resulted in a look of missed opportunity with hands raised in the air.

The proverbial elephant in the room.

Sharing an office has been smooth sailing so far.

Yet, will our marriage meet an untimely demise like Sonny and Cher?

As long as I keep my navel covered, we’ll all be better off in the long run.

Will we laugh it off like Lucille Ball and Dezi Arnaz?  He still loved Lucy despite their divorce.

sonny cherWill we make sweet music like The Captain and Tennille?

Or will our “Muskrat Love” cause us to drop off the charts?

Can we stand the test of time like Roy Rogers and Dale Evans?

I wonder if Roy ever got Dale in a faux cowboy in the studio.

Perhaps I’ll just continue to play the role of his dim-witted blonde wife like Gracie Allen did for George Burns.  It’s really not a stretch.

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head survived the making of three Toy Story movies despite several jokes about junk in the trunk.

Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog stayed together throughout her rise to fame.

It ain’t easy be’in green with envy.

Paul McCartney put Linda in the band simply because he enjoyed her company.

Will we always really like each other that much?

Barbie and Ken stayed together throughout numerous career changes by Barbie from Astronaut to Zoo Keeper.

Is Ken that easy-going because he’s a mimbo?

History seems to be in our favor.

So does the fact that there is a long, long hallway between offices.


16 thoughts on “Celebrating 14 Years of Marriage at the Ivory Tower

  1. Ina loves it when Jeffrey works at home…but since you don’t have a stable full of handsome & witty gay men to play bridge with at your country house..I’m thinking you and the Mister are more Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks…or Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward!
    Happy Anniversary! May muskrat love reign!

  2. Happy Anniversary! We made it to 13 years this year. What is that? Scrap Metal?
    I used to work with my husband and it was not ideal – but I was his boss then. Now I’m just his boss at home 😉

  3. Happy anniversary! I used to have a part-time work-at-home job but when my husband (in sales) had a home office day – I HATED IT WORSE THAN A P.D. DAY!! Not sure we would have made it to 22yrs of marriage had that arrangement continued. Guess I need my space!

  4. Think of the Gas Money you two will save! Who has control of the radio on the commute is what I will worry about. Happy Anniversary to the Spillmans. Maybe a little anniversary cake by the water cooler is in order.

  5. We are two writers, with a long hallway in between. But we spent whole years shuttling between offices on opposite sides of the country, so this feels great!

    On another note: I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! (For more info, see http://wp.me/p2SHpT-kS)

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