Ditching The Fitch

abnochub“I like a woman with some meat on her bones because she knows how to cook and have fun!”

While I can’t remember exactly where I heard that quote, I can tell you who didn’t say it – Mike Jeffries, CEO of retailer, Abercrombie & Fitch.

It seems yet another clothing store is discriminating against larger-sized women.  Only, the A & F brand goes way beyond simply not stocking larger sizes or exclusively fashioning their clothing for a smaller frame.

Jeffries completely insulted a good portion of the general population with phrases like,

“We go after the cool kids…”

“A lot of people don’t belong in our clothes…”

“We want to market to cool, good-looking people…”


The Indianapolis 500 is just around the corner.  I’m so disappointed I won’t be able to purchase from A & F a size-16 studded daisy duke pair of shorts and an XL tube top to wear in the infield.


How old is this man-child and has he figured out he is not in junior high anymore?

larryIt’s the human version of Larry the Lobster on SpongeBob Squarepants.

Have you ever shopped in an A & F?  Come to think of it, it’s just like a Junior High School dance.

It’s super dark, the music is deafening and no one talks to you.

It is completely understandable that retailers cannot possibly cater to every shape and size of individual.  I get that.

However, I wonder if Mr. Jeffries has ever considered what he’s missing by forming this exclusionary cool club of skinnies.

For starters, he’ll be missing the pocket books of most size- 14 mom’s with tween-age children because they are not welcome in his store.

If women can find a store that stocks clothing that is affordable, attractive and fits well, they are loyal for life.

And, if you have muscular, ripped men without their shirts on as human mannequins, they’ll bring their friends.

Not any more.

Sooner or later, those young, self-absorbed, shallow teens who shop in your shadow will drop you like a piping hot piece of pizza in the food court for the next trendy store.

Sorry A&F, this gal who has a little meat on her bones will be taking her big bucks elsewhere.


28 thoughts on “Ditching The Fitch

  1. Guess what? I know exactly who spoke the words about girls with meat on their bones!
    Well said!
    Apparently the cologne isn’t the only thing stinkin’ up the place at A &F.
    By All-American, does he also mean: white? blonde? So bizarre – could it be a stunt?
    By the way, isn’t being a bully the ultimate in uncool?

  2. Well, I’m not large sized and I’ve never shopped in that store. But I think I’m too old for it anyway, and so not cool enough. Don’t you have to be white to shop in there too?

    Most companies are quiet about their main audience target, as we can figure it out anyway. I can’t imagine someone being so vocal about it, especially when it doesn’t come out as a positive statement.

  3. A&F is a wanne be of style, coolness and the other attributes Jeffries claims his company has. I have never shopped in this store because I do not find the clothing to be all that exciting. Plus, it’s overpriced and the reasons mentioned in your post put me off as well.

    • We were just venturing into this shopping arena, as a transision from the bling at Justice (which is a whole other story). It is expensive. Maybe we should all make a pact to go back to sewing. Alright, maybe that is too severe said from a teen who was mared from having to wear Stretch-n-Sew clothes in the ’70’s.

  4. OMG. I agree with everything that’s been said here!!! I can only add my one experience at ‘that’ store. Husband had a reeeely old plaid A & F shirt that he reeeely loved, so . . . . for Christmas he received a new similar shirt from one of his kids from A & F. Who knew the new styles are for a micro man?? . . . . FITTED to say the least. When I took the shirt back to exchange for hopefully larger size or maybe a fuller ‘man’ cut instead of a ‘boy/girl’ cut, I learned that EVERYTHING in the store for men as well women is made to fit the same size of boy and girl. Buh-bye A & F!!!

  5. I guess I would be A&F’s “target market” but I never buy their stuff precisely because they are so self-consciously, pretentiously up their own arses (sorry) about targeting who they see as cool kids that they suck all originality and fun out of clothes. Wearing A&F clothes doesn’t make you feel like you, it makes you feel like what other people think you should be.

  6. Nice!! I’ve written about this topic as well. He’s a real tool. As if our kids don’t have enough to make them unsure about their bodies / themselves. They certainly don’t need some cray cray CEO confirming their doubts.

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