Kiss My Political Correctness

Take your fight elsewhere.

That’s my comment on the whole Chick-fil-A gay marriage controversy.

It’s also my comment as a mother who has logged many hours sipping on sweet tea with other moms in a nice, clean friendly environment while our energetic children work off some steam in the free play area.

I had to draw the line on remaining politically correct during the feud when I learned of the planned Kiss-In at restaurants across the country by opponents to Cathy.

Staging a Kiss-In at Chick-fil-A restaurants is the equivalent of holding a convocation at the local elementary school or retirement center.

Is that really the most appropriate platform for advancing a political stance on gay marriage?

Besides, who wants to watch people of any orientation making out while you’re just trying to throw a chicken sandwich down your gullet and bask in a few minutes of mommy to mommy time?

What happened to free speech?

Apparently, it’s only acceptable if you agree with the speech.

Gary Varvel, a cartoonist with The Indianapolis Star said it well with this recent cartoon.

Perhaps my favorite response sounds like it would likely be from George Jefferson, a television character played by the late Sherman Hemsley.

It was actually the reaction from a morning radio host on the local rhythm and blues station who made the following observation:

“I’ve never seen so many white people eating chicken.”

Only, George Jefferson probably would have used the term, “honkies.”

And, we’ll leave it at that.

© 2012 Terri Spilman


18 thoughts on “Kiss My Political Correctness

  1. If I had the energy to fight the big fight how would I allot enough time for my blog and petty battles around the home.

  2. I could not agree more with you!
    Chick-fil-A was actually the first place I worked at when I moved to the States in 1991 to go to college (yes, I’m THAT old). I always liked working there and I like their food and I really don’t think this is the right platform, just like you said.
    (And how about their chicken salad – is it still that good???)

  3. So funny, Terri, and yes I agree! Although I don’t agree with what “What’s His Bucket, Head Honcho of Chick-fil-a” said about gay marriage, I do agree he has a right to his opinion. And that his remarks should not prevent him from doing business. If people want to silently boycott Chick-fil-a on their own, that’s their business, but don’t get all publicly self-righteous about. It’s just like when someone tries to push their religion on me. No thanks.

    And no, I DON’T want to see anyone making out at a Chick-fil-a; gay, straight, or otherwise. It’s hard enough to keep one of those sandwiches down, without having to watch unnecessary PDA. Ugh.

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