Super Size Government Needs A Super Size Hobby

You never really know a person until you walk in their shoes – or in New York City, drink out of their 41 oz. Slurpee cup.

Apparently NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg thinks super size sugary sodas are putting the “big” in residents of The Big Apple and has introduced a resolution to ban them from being sold in certain restaurants and entertainment venues.

I guess the ongoing issues of education, unemployment, over-crowded emergency rooms, homelessness, crime and aging infrastructure of the city aren’t enough to keep him busy.

Ironically, it was Mayor Bloomberg who got an amendment passed in 2008 to super size his term in office.

The trans fat ban victory wasn’t enough.  Now, it’s time to invade sugar.

The First Lady’s Healthy Food Initiative has put the kibosh on super size candy bars.

Say it isn’t so.

Obviously, she’s never experienced an orgasm from eating a giant size KitKat.

I’m thinking that a basket full of veggies isn’t going to bring in the same amount of coin as the giant size candy bars in future school fundraising campaigns.

I love that she has reintroduced gardening as a hobby and as a low-cost source of healthy food.

However, I draw the line at replacing plus size clothing departments with greenhouses.  You can’t wear broccoli.

Perhaps my favorite ban was when McDonald’s reduced the amount of french fries and eliminated caramel sauce from Happy Meals due to pressure from the government and some fun-mufflers that wanted to ban toys.

The hot, salty, crunchy yet soft, delicious french fries are the reason most people go to McDonald’s.  And the caramel sauce, that’s half the fun of ordering the apple slices.

Last time I read the constitution, I don’t remember reading any verbiage like, “thou shall dictate what Americans put in their bellies.”

Unless, of course, they are eating someone else’s face after tripping out on bath salts, which then calls for the resurgence of Nancy Reagan’s, “Just Say No” to drugs campaign.

Wouldn’t that be a better use of the government’s time and energy?

Give us some credit.  Give parents a break.  Super size government needs to get a super size hobby, super quick.

© 2012 Terri Spilman


14 thoughts on “Super Size Government Needs A Super Size Hobby

  1. You bring up a lot of good points. While I’m all for health and don’t even drink soda, this bill doesn’t sit well with me. It may change some behaviors, but people determine what they put into their bodies. Plus, is Bloomberg going to get rid of all of the ice cream and hot dog stands that grace every corner of the city? They provide lots of calories, too. Or will he ban the martini next?

    • I’m with you. Actually, ice cream wouldn’t qualify because it is a milk product. I think there would be a major revolt if they abolished their famous hot dog stands. They better keep martinis because they are going to drive people to drink!

  2. Although I’d rather stick pins in my eyes than drink soda, I do think Bloomberg has gone too far. I think his heart’s in the right place, but aren’t there other health concerns he could start with first? Like improving school lunches?

    • I’m afraid I need a soda every now and then. Unfortunately, schools have to use a lot of processed food because of regulations, budget and liability issues. If he can pave the way for old school lunch ladies to truly cook again, more power to him.

  3. Does Bloomberg know a slurpee costs a lot less than Jamba Juice and probably has more calories to provide more energy hours? 😉

    The most ironic part about our government trying to dictate how we should eat better is, it pays billions in subsidies to farmers to grow corn and soy and various types of oil seeds. Then these ingredients are used to create tons of processed foods to feed us. Unfortunately our government gives ZERO subsidies to farmers who grow healthy food. Rather than fix the problem down the line, I’d love our government to say no to the big agro lobbies and support the growth of healthy produce. Wishful thinking, right?

  4. Hugs for the mention, and congrats on your 100th post. I’ll bet it only seems like yesterday? Yeah, right! Writing and storytelling is no small feat. They take time, thought, and sometimes, a glass full of…sparkling…water?! I’ll bet you thought I was going to say “wine.” I had in mine something more akin to a…martini. 😉

    Keep up the great blogging…and I’ll guzzle…I mean…sip…some champagne…to your success… 😆

  5. I couldn’t agree more with what you said! Personally I think it’s all about the money and politicians trying to make themselves look good, not health. It will cost a lot more to buy 3-16 0z. sodas than it would 1-42 oz. soda. More sodas, more money for the government. My problem with this is like many others. Where does it stop.

    P.S. I ran across your blog looking for info on the Kreativ Blogger Award. So don’t be surprised if you see me link back here about your needing a “Blogger For Dummies” book. That is definitely me too…(-:

  6. What’s next? Mayor Bloomberg will be choosing our hairstyles and foundation colors?!? The quicker these idiots stop micro-managing the quicker this country can start to recover its glory.

  7. I read about this one, and it kills me!! I drink Diet Coke though, which this doesn’t apply to. OK, really? Even I will admit DC is probably just as horrific for one’s health as sugary drinks. Bloomberg has also laid down the most stringent cigarette smoking laws anywhere. (You can no longer smoke anywhere outside or inside in NYC, except in your own home.) Yet he wants to lighten the laws for smoking weed. Hmm. Perhaps we can guess his personal habits…

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