The Laughing Mom

Spring has sprung.  Mother nature never fails to put on a spectacular show in our backyard featuring fragrant lilacs, light violet clematis, purple Irises and bright red roses all flanked  by a lush carpet of bright green grass.   However, the real star of the show is always the Robin feathering her nest for her new brood.  This year, the Robin chose a beautiful pink flowered tree beneath our bathroom window for her birthing center.  We literally have a bird’s-eye view of the three baby birds tucked in their nursery made of sticks and mud.  I am totally obsessed with watching their every move and I began to wonder, “Is the male Robin a perfect baby daddy?”

Benefit #1:  Winters in Florida.  No more shoveling snow, just hanging out with the gang down south during the coldest months of the year.

Benefit #2:  Male Robins want their women big.   Yes, Robins are chubby chasers.  Imagine, actually getting to pig out while dating.  It’s no longer a…

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