The Laughing Mom Year In Review – Behind The Blog 2011

I have to admit that after I reviewed my 50 blog posts from 2011, I had to ask myself the question I hear from my husband everyday, “What in the hell do you do all day?”

While I still can’t document how I spend a typical day, I can attest that a year sure flies by pretty darn quick.

Seems like yesterday I emerged like a groundhog after being housebound for several days in a colossal ice storm.  When I finally attended a Sunday church service, God sent a subtle message my way by emptying the eucharist tray as it arrived in my lap.  I showed my age when playing my first game of Laser Tag with my purse hanging from my arm like Sophia from The Golden Girls and got shot in the head by a super-soaker while doing the mom stroke at the pool this summer.  And, I met Batman, but his batmobile was a critter-getter truck.

The royal wedding kept us all captivated and generated some very funny headlines of our own weddings.  I got a lot little carried away with my daughter’s Earth Day recycling trash monster project and admitted that I may not recycle but I sure as hell don’t litter! 

Thanks to the tribute to my dad on Father’s Day, a link to my blog comes up on Google when searching for “Fred Flintstone Feet”.  I didn’t know there where so many of us in the canned ham foot club.  And thanks to my post, Bedazzle My What?, I’m now getting several followers who aren’t exactly selling Girl Scout cookies – if you know what I mean.  I don’t think they would be soliciting me if they actually read the post and discovered I’m more comfortable wearing granny pants than diamond studs.

Having written many posts that centered on parenting, fashion sense and dieting, I decided to dip my toe into political waters on a quest to save cursive handwriting and raise awareness of the dying ritual of flying the American flag.  On the other hand, declaring a presidential candidate favorite didn’t work out so well as this particular candidate ended up “suspending” his candidacy a few months later in the midst of a sex scandal.  I also wrote about the real total package that women want after a few politicians were emailing package photos of another sort.  I was probably the only person to make a playdate joke out of the Occupy Movements when my daughter set up sick bay camp in our family room. 

Bad haircuts and political scandals aside, my blog received some pretty cool accolades throughout the year.  Undoubtedly, the most exciting blogging news was when my post, A Year of Blogging – Lois Lane or Crazy Aunt Lena? appeared on Freshly Pressed (the front page of on of all days – April Fool’s Day.  That exposure sent my page view numbers from roughly 35 views a day to over 3,000 views on that particular day.  Those numbers paled in comparison to when Nikki from the wildly popular blog, Moms Who Drink And Swear placed a link to Diary of a Neighborhood Garage Sale Virgin on her Facebook page generating 7,000 page views that day.

Fellow bloggers, Kate from Kate’s Channel, Renee from Pooter and Booger’s Place and Sarah from Life Flipping gave me the Versatile Blogger Award – which is a way to tell fellow bloggers you like their work in a chain letter sort of way.  Lisa from Main Street Musings also made mention of my post in a very clever story on holiday cards as a thank you to receiving the award herself.

I took on the most ambitious writing task of the year when I embarked on the Holiday Advent (as in Advent-ure) posts.  As real life chocolate advent calendars imitate art, I used up all my good stories on day 19 and had nothing else to write about.

I’m pleased to announce that I did not get character pajamas this year.  Drumroll please… Open Christmas Eve pajamas resemble Captain Kangaroo’s red jacket with white piping.  Now my husband is fondly calling me, “the captain”.

I’m still reeling from my Dave’s mom sighting and we made it down to the L.S. Ayres Tea Room and Santaland.  I refrained from cramming my ass into the train this year however, my mother managed to sweet talk her way onto Santa’s lap to ask for a new microwave.

While 2011 brought a lot of laughs, I predict that 2012 will bring even more.  I resolve to not cut my hair off in the Spring.  I resolve to borrow some of my mom’s gas pills and actually take a yoga class.  I resolve to not write about politics unless I’m prepared to have my foot surgically extracted from my mouth.  And lastly, I resolve to try to keep my husband out of my posts.  By the way, his new blog name is, Mr. Witness Protection just in case he accidentally gets mentioned.

Who really knows what the blank canvas of 2012 will bring.  I’m just thankful to be ringing in the new year with family and friends as opposed to driving around at midnight in my parents’ Oldsmobile with empty bottles of Andre champagne rolling around in the back seat because I have no place to go.

Thanks for reading my mom blog and Happy New Year!

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