The Holiday Advent (As In Advent-ure) Posts: Day 9 – Trios, The Best Christmas Cookie Ever

The best cooking magazine ever.

Every holiday season I struggle over which Christmas cookies to make.

My grandmother had a petit four stand filled with dozens of varieties of cookies sitting out on her countertop throughout the holiday season.  I can’t imagine how long it must have taken her to bake all those cookies.  She obviously didn’t have Ruffmary Clooney counter surfing and eating all her confections.

I’ve tried a lot of cookie recipes over the years and finally found the best Christmas cookie recipe ever thanks to the now defunct Gourmet magazine (also the best cooking magazine ever).

They are called Trios, and if you like jam-filled cookies, they will rock your world.  Each cookie looks like a beautiful Christmas tree ornament.  They are buttery and sweet with just a hint of salt.

Trios are the perfect cookie for an indecisive person like me who can’t make up their mind about which jam to use – so you can use three of your favorites.  I use apricot, strawberry and seedless blackberry jam.

Trios - the best Christmas cookie ever.

Be warned, the cookies can be a little time-consuming but totally worth the effort.  Most of the time is spent rolling the dough into balls because each cookie is made up of a cluster of three (hence the name, Trios).

Make sure you use a rounded end of a wooden spoon to make dents in the dough balls and only go down about 2/3rds of the way.  Be sure not to overfill the holes or the jam will spill over when baked.  They will still taste good, they just won’t be magazine cover worthy.

Gifting cookies made from scratch is definitely underrated.  They are the perfect low-cost, thoughtful gift for anyone on your list.

Christmas cookies baked with loving hands and paws.

The only problem with receiving a gift of homemade cookies is you never really know who has had a hand – or paw – in making them.


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