The Holiday Advent (As In Advent-ure) Posts: Day 8 – Hey Dude, How Big Is Your Rock?

Liberace – the king of the man rings.

The holidays are one of the most popular times for couples to become engaged.  As a matter of fact, 14 years ago my betrothed asked me to be his bride.

Apparently, a new tradition is taking couples by storm.  It’s the mangagement ring.  That’s right, an engagement ring designed specifically for men.

Isn’t that taking the Sadie Hawkins thing a little too far? 

Maybe it’s a trend inspired by Liberace or a made-up necessity created by the jewelery industry to boost sales. 

Is a Facebook status change from single to engaged not enough? 

Is it a bragging rights thing?  “Hey dude, how big is your rock?  Aren’t Corvettes generally used to fill that need? 

Look who is wearing the ball and chain now.

According to jewelers, some ladies welcome the trend and are taking advantage of it by popping the question themselves.  Did these gals not see the “He’s not that into you” episode of “Sex and The City?” or read “The Rules”?”

Green Lantern magical powers ring.

This new trend may be opening up a whole new market for man rings.  I can see where a guy might want a Green Lantern ring to bring him magical powers.  Or maybe an Ovaltine Secret Decoder ring for fans of A Christmas Story.  I guess you might call those “manchildgagement” rings.

All kidding aside, some couples see the mangagement ring as a good way to show mutual commitment and there is probably a surge because of an increase in same-sex marriages.

What do you think will be the next wedding trend?





4 thoughts on “The Holiday Advent (As In Advent-ure) Posts: Day 8 – Hey Dude, How Big Is Your Rock?

  1. When I saw Michael Buble in concert summer 2010, he very proudly showed his off to the audience. It was the first time I had heard of this. He attributed it to being a tradition in whatever South American country (Argentina?) his fiancee came from.

    • Yes, you are right. I read it started in Europe. Too bad I forgot that important detail. I was way too busy formulating my bad jokes to focus on the facts. Damn! Now I need to start over. Don’t you hate that?

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