The Holiday Advent (As In Advent-ure) Posts: Day 6 – Deck The Paws

"Are you kidding me?"

I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I drove all over town shopping for a holiday dress for my daughter that matches the dog’s Christmas dress.

Yes, you read that right – to match the dog’s dress.

While dressing up a pet for the holidays might seem a little obsessive, there’s just something about a pooch in an elf hat that adds an extra dose of “nice” to a holiday card.  Afterall, she is part of the family.  So much so, that my daughter once asked, “How come I have a dog for a sister?”

This year, I spotted a canine red velvet dress trimmed in white fur and it reminded me of my favorite holiday classic movie, White Christmas.

I hope you enjoy my little rendition of “Golden Christmas” starring Ruffmary Clooney as Betty.

Ruffmary Clooney starring as Betty, the torch singer looking for love and table scraps.



"Sisters, sisters...There were never such devoted sisters..."


Down, Ruffmary! You can dress a dog up but you can’t make them stop table surfing.
Disclaimer: No dogs were hurt in the filming of this post. The same can’t be said for the holiday barrette Ruffmary is munching on.
“…And, may all your Christmas-es be white goldennnn!  Rufff, rufffff!!!!”



12 thoughts on “The Holiday Advent (As In Advent-ure) Posts: Day 6 – Deck The Paws

  1. Rosemary Clooney was always so under-rated in my opinion…she would be honored at this homage to her, “Sisters” and White Christmas. Love the post and the holiday tradition of Grace & Lillie in their holiday finery on your Christmas card!

  2. Ruffmary Clooney! Adorable. But getting your daughter a dress to match Ruffmary? Perhaps Martha Stewart dropped you off on a doorstep by mistake; maybe Alexis is not her ONLY child after all?

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