The Holiday Advent (As In Advent-ure) Posts: Day 4 – Kermit The Frog For President

Jiminy Christmas!

The (Herman) Cain Train officially “suspended” it’s journey in the 2012 Republican Presidential Nominee race.  It appears the train was derailed due to too much baggage in the form of sexual harassment claims and a recently exposed extramarital affair.  While this scenario sounds like politics as usual and may not be surprising to most, it’s put a little damper on my holiday spirit.

In my post, A Housewife Goes To Washington, I told the story of attending a Cain speech in August and expressed my dismay that this ultra charismatic person and seemingly honest candidate was not getting the media attention he deserved.

My how things have changed in a matter of a few months.

Now, I’m wearing egg on my face as a result of my run as the accidental patriot.  I’m dismayed at the audacity of Cain to make a run for President and think that his skeletons would remain in the closet.  I’m also completely disenchanted with the investigative reporting style and humiliating vetting process by the media, which also keeps viable candidates from even entering the race.

I’m not so much mourning the fact that Cain has dropped out – because I had some major questions about his qualifications the more I learned about him – as much as I’m disappointed that he did not turn out to be the “unicorn” candidate.  During his speech, he said that he did a lot of soul-searching and praying before deciding to run.

Ironically, the voters are the ones that should be doing the soul-searching.  Should we demand upstanding moral behavior in our political candidates or do we overlook such shortcomings for political prowess?

Kermit The Frog For President 2012

That’s where Kermit the Frog enters the picture.

If you were a Muppet Show fan, go see their new movie, The Muppets.  For 98 glorious minutes, you are thrown back into 1980 with the innocence of Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear and the rest of the Muppet cast.  Kermit is enlisted to get the gang back together to raise money to buy back the Muppet Theater from an evil oil tycoon.

In his usual take-charge, charismatic style, Kermit reunites his old buddies through his stellar negotiation skills and charm to save the theater.  He’s even remained faithful to Miss Piggy all these years.

There is a great line in the movie, “Are you a man or a Muppet?”  If all people (particularly politicians) had the integrity of Kermit the Frog, the world would be a better place.

Kermit the Frog for President 2012.  I think I’ll hop on the lily pad.  Won’t you join me?


8 thoughts on “The Holiday Advent (As In Advent-ure) Posts: Day 4 – Kermit The Frog For President

  1. I share your thoughts on Herman Cain, every last one. I think you and I jumped on his band wagon around the same time. How disappointing to find out he’s just another guy with a swingin dick after all. Knowing what was in his closet and the mindset of the media these days, did he really think this would stay quiet?

    I need to go watch ‘Love Actually’ and pour a very generous glass of cabernet post haste. Tootle loo!

  2. I’m actually very relieved about Cain dropping out, but not so excited about any of those remaining.

    Kermit’s an excellent choice, except we’re likely now to learn about all the times he’s cheated on Miss Piggy. And he’ll probably lose the anti-gay vote once we’ve determined what he really meant by “The Rainbow Connection.”

    • I know what you mean. So glad the producers of the movie kept the integrity. It’s really amazing your scenario – though tounge and cheek – wasn’t played out by today’s Hollywood.

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