The Holiday Advent (As In Advent-ure) Posts: Day 3 – A Thanksgiving Eve Encounter With Dave’s Mom

One of the best holiday traditions on television has been the wildly popular “Guess Mom’s Pies” segment on the Late Show with David Letterman.  The bit simply involved Letterman trying to guess what pies his mother Dorothy cooked for Thanksgiving dinner.  Dorothy was filmed from her kitchen in Indiana or phoned into the show with the names of the pies.  Web sites are dedicated to this yearly tradition with fans keeping tally of the results over the years.

This year, there was no “Guess Mom’s Pies” segment leaving thousands hanging and wondering about the well-being of Dave’s mom.

Dave’s mom is also the author of one of the greatest cookbooks of all time, Home Cookin’ With Dave’s Mom.  My mother gifted me this cookbook when I was living out-of-state.  It was such a great reminder of my Indiana roots featuring Hoosier Chili, Beef Tenderloin with Bordelaise Mushroom Sauce, Vegetable Soup and Hot Tuna Sandwiches just to name a few of my favorites from the book.  However, the stars of the show are her famous pie recipes – cherry, sugar cream, chocolate…and they are fabulous.

I happen to live in the same town as Dorothy.  There are few things that brighten my day more than to see her at the grocery store.  She is absolutely adorable.  And, she has many homemaker fans like myself who yearn to stalk exchange a few words with her and peak into her basket to see what she is cooking.

I was at the checkout counter with my mother when I experienced my first grocery store sighting.  My mom pointed to Dorothy as she was grabbing a cart.  I immediately abandoned my groceries during mid-checkout without a word to the cashier and began gingerly chasing Dorothy through the veggie section – finally trapping her at the meat counter.

Like an idiot, I addressed her as Dave’s Mom instead of using her proper name and began to ramble on about how I loved her cookbook and how much the Hoosier heritage meant to me.  God love her, she gave me the biggest smile.  If it were me being accosted by a crazy story-telling stranger, I would have called 911.

Dave's Mom's awesome cherry pie recipe.

My most recent encounter was the most exciting.  We spotted her at our favorite breakfast spot the day before Thanksgiving.  I was with my fellow celebrity stalker, my mother who gave me the nod when Dorothy walked in the restaurant.  We spent the remainder of our breakfast plotting a way to strike up a conversation in a non-predator kind of way.

And then it hit me.  Of course, talk to her about pie.

So I nervously sauntered over to where she was standing and told her that I was cooking her cherry pie for Thanksgiving.  She commented that she sends a cherry pie to Dave on his birthday.  Not wanting to spoil the surprise for Dave’s audience, I hesitated to ask what pie she was making for Thanksgiving.

Luckily, the lovely young lady accompanying her asked the magic words for me,

“You’re making pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, aren’t you?”

And then she quietly replied, “Yes, I’m making pumpkin.”

I shared my hesitancy about asking the big question and they replied that Dorothy has retired from the “Guess Mom’s Pies” segment of the Late Show.

Now, I think I can retire from celebrity stalkings  encounters.  Nothing can top a personal audience with the star of “Guess Mom’s Pies” on Thanksgiving Eve.


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