Introducing The Holiday Advent (As in Advent-ure) Posts: Day 1 – The Troll On The Shelf

In the spirit of the Advent, I’ve decided to write 24 Holiday themed Advent-ure Posts to count down to Christmas Day.  Do I really have time to blog everyday when there is shopping to be done, parties to attend and cookies to be baked?  No.  Do you have time to read a lousy blog post everyday during this busy holiday season?  Probably not.  But hey, the best way to handle the stress of the holidays is to laugh.

As a child, December 1st was one of the most exciting days of the year.  It meant the activation of the Advent Calendar – the count down to Christmas one piece of chocolate at a time.  What kid has the discipline to open just one window a day?  Not this one.  According to my calculations, Christmas should have arrived on day 5 of the Advent which is exactly how long it took to blow through 24 windows of milk chocolate fun.

We have a new tradition in our house based upon the book, The Elf On The Shelf.  The book is about an elf scout that is sent by Santa to monitor children’s behavior.  The book comes with a small toy replica of the elf.  Our elf is named Buddy.  The elf hides in a different place every night after returning from a daily briefing with Santa at the North Pole.

The intent is to keep the magic of the season alive for the children.  The elf also makes a great wingman for parents to help toe the line with the little ones.  The phrase, “Go to your room” takes a back seat to “Buddy is watching you” for 24 glorious days as the kids are bribbed incentivized to maintain their best behavior. 

I have to admit that lately, Buddy is creeping us out.  The other day I went to fetch him from the box and he was gone (Insert music from the film Psycho).  My daughter is terrified that Buddy will be staring her in the face when she wakes up in the morning.  She has declared that Buddy must be at least one foot away from her person at all times.

Maybe we should rethink this new holiday tradition if we have to file a restraining order on the jolly little fellow.   This cute little cherub-like doll has turned into The Troll On The Shelf.   

I’m trading in my pearls for a garlic necklace and we’re sleeping with one eye open until Buddy returns to the north pole.

Evil troll or cute little Santa's helper?


10 thoughts on “Introducing The Holiday Advent (As in Advent-ure) Posts: Day 1 – The Troll On The Shelf

  1. Gotta love those holiday traditions. My sister and I used to thumb wrestle for dibs on the chocolate. BTW, our elf, Neptune, arrived Sunday. Evidently, he ended up next door at our neighbor’s home. My daughter had a freak out moment this morning when she saw him peering at her in the bathroom. On the other hand, my son seems to care less about what Neptune reports to Santa each night. Monday, his teacher called to say he wouldn’t stop making his school friends laugh during circle time. Looking forward to taking breaks from all the fun holiday chaos to laugh with you.

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