An Incredible Random Act of Patriotism

“Why would we want to remember such a horrible day when so many people were killed?” 

That was the question my husband and I were asked by our seven year-old daughter when attempting to answer her original question, “What is 9/11?”

Ten years later, the events of that day are still difficult to articulate, especially in a non-frightening manner to a small child.  To children her age, normalcy means being at war, removing shoes while being x-rayed at airport security and having intruder drills at school.  It’s hard to explain why people want to hurt us because of our ideology as Americans.

It was my intent not to blog about 9/11 and to reflect and remember in private.  However, in an unusual move, my husband burst through the door yesterday and said, “If you want to blog about something, blog about how very few people are flying an American Flag today.”  I’ll never live this next statement down, but he’s right.

Ours was one of a few houses with an American Flag flying.  Maybe others showed their patriotism by attending a remembrance ceremony, watching the events on television or reflecting in silence.  Ironically, immediately following the events of 9/11, demand was so high for American Flags that manufacturers could not keep up with production.  If a house didn’t have a flag pole, a paper flag was displayed in the window as a sign of patriotism.  Where are all the American Flags now?  We figured the least we could do on Patriot Day was to fly a Flag  in support of our country. 

We were also lucky enough to receive the following video taken by my husband’s friend which captures one of the most heart-felt random acts of patriotism I’ve ever seen.  An American Airlines employee known only as “Brett” spontaneously sang the Star Spangled Banner over a loud-speaker at Chicago O’Hare International Airport Sunday morning, bringing dozens of travelers to their feet as they looked on in silence.  Brett has an amazing voice and he used it in an incredible random act of patriotism.  I challenge you to have a dry eye after viewing it. 

Thank you Brett. 

God Bless America.


12 thoughts on “An Incredible Random Act of Patriotism

  1. Amen to all of this. All of it. I always fly my flag–unless I think horrible weather will tear it off the house! Maybe some people don’t think it’s a big deal, but to me it represents every sacrifice anyone ever made for this country, and it’s one of many ways to say thank you and to show respect. (Btw, I can see 10 houses from my front door and only one other flag. Welcome to the northeast!)

  2. Great post Terri! We, too, are about the only house on the block that flies a flag–and I have to admit, mine flies in good weather and bad. Tim yells at me for flying it in rain, but I just always want it waving.

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