Crock-Pot Luck

Crockery Cookery author, the late Mable Hoffman, must be rolling over in her heavenly slow-cooker.  If you have a Facebook account, chances are pretty good you noticed a majority of your friends liking a page titled, Crock Pot Girls over the last few days.  You may have even pressed the Like button because you have an interest in crock-pot cooking or you felt pressured to join in. 

In an unprecedented phenomenon, these three moms from Texas have amassed over one million likes on Facebook with only a handful of slow-cooker recipes and a web site that isn’t even finished.  A textbook example of the power of social media whose story is just beginning.

Crockery Cookery became an overnight sensation in 1975 because no one knew what to do with the crock-pots they got as wedding gifts.  The cookbook filled a need.  Just as today, working women and busy carpool driving moms have little time to devote to dinner preparation.  Even if you have the time, meal-planning is just as dreaded as trying to get kids to do homework.  To most, the crock-pot is like having a personal chef in their kitchen that will have a nutritious dinner complete for the family at the end of the day. 

Never underestimate the power of women and their ability to spread the good word.  Only, I’m grasping to understand exactly what is so great about crock-pot cooking.  Quite frankly, how many ways can you cook meat in liquid?  Every dish I have ever made in a crock-pot has absolutely no taste.  Some of my biggest cooking disappointments have been throwing a promising mix of meat, veggies, spices and broth in a slow-cooker and expecting a delicious meal after eight hours of anticipation.

I’m disappointed every single time.

Even Mable admitted that slow-cooker recipes can all taste the same and later recommended adding herbs and spices towards the end of cooking to give the dish life.   It seems convenience has definitely trumped taste in planning meals.

I prefer the actual process of braising, sauteing and seasoning my dishes as I cook.  I like to stir and taste the food as it cooks.  Quite frankly, I think it makes the food taste better.  There was a lady in my Weight Watchers class who attributed weight loss to her husband cooking low cal meals in the slow-cooker.  I’d be forty pounds thinner too if I had to eat tasteless crap from a crock-pot every night.  And, there was the time when I almost gave my blind date trichinosis from a pork roast that cooked for 8 hours but still looked raw.  Maybe that’s why he didn’t call me back. 

Perhaps I’m just not doing something right with my crock-pot cooking, or maybe I’m just a little jealous that these newbies have roughly 999,900 more Facebook fans than I do.  I guess you can’t really feed your family a pot of snarky commentary and smartass quips for supper.  Hence, the creation of the need thing that draws a large fan base. 

I hope the Crock Pot Girls are successful.  And, I hope they can finally bring some flavor to slow-cooker meals.  My crock-pot is depending on them.  If a Facebook page shows up for Jello Mold Girls and it draws over a million fans, I just may have to retire from blogging.

8 thoughts on “Crock-Pot Luck

  1. I swear to God, I thought you were going to say The Crock Pot Girls had gotten all those hits from putting out a naked crockpot calender, like those older ladies in England. I loved the line “…can’t feed …a pot of snarky commentary and smartass quips for supper”. And isn’t trichinosis the gift that keeps on giving?!? Wonderful post.

    • O.K. Renee, apparently there is a page called Cock Pot Girls if you are on Facebook. You may appreciate the humor. I’m not familiar with the naked crock-pot calendar in England. I’ll have to look it up.

  2. ROFL!! Jello Mold Girls just might be the next big thing. And I would not be so suspicious if it really WERE naked crock pot girls.. then at least there would be a reason for the swarms of fans (creating fake profiles so their wives wouldn’t find out)

  3. Unfortunately, I would be a good candidate for the naked Jello Girls calendar.

    My dad cooks pot roast and veggies in the crock pot with Italian salad dressing instead of broth and it’s quite good. In the wintertime it’s nice to have the house smelling like stew all day and then be able to enjoy a hot, one-bowl meal that night with only one dish to wash. That’s part of the appeal for me… Well, it was part of the appeal that led to me PURCHASING one years ago – I haven’t really taken advantage of it yet 🙂 But that’s been my plan every winter since then!

    Thanks for the heads-up on the FB crockery. I’m with you, I tend not to jump on crazy, random “Like” bandwagons too easily.


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