A Housewife Goes To Washington

Last March, I became part of the reader editorial board of our community newspaper as mentioned in A Year of Blogging – Lois Lane or Crazy Aunt Lena?  I’m the apolitical, token housewife among a group of professionals who are very opinionated about political issues. 

Often, the opportunity arises to discuss world affairs and national politics.  After wasting one afternoon educating myself on why burqas should be banned in France (so I wouldn’t look like a dumbass responding to a string of emails on the subject), I decided to settle for writing the fluff-piece editorials on things like dog parks, safety in school zones and saving cursive handwriting.  All helpful information for the community but not exactly New York Times  Pulitzer Prize-winning Op Ed material.

I have to say, I have learned a lot about our political process and how our country should, or rather, should not be run.  My prior source of knowledge on the inner-workings of our government was through Schoolhouse Rock videos and who my dad or husband liked in the race.  I thought you could just buy another debt ceiling at Lowes.  That is, until last week.

Once again, I was wasting an afternoon doing research on the abuse of entitlement programs to reply intelligently to an email string, when I placed a call to my husband to get the name of someone who overcame adversity and used sweat equity to make a life for themselves.  He said, “Herman Cain, he was the CEO of Godfather’s Pizza and he’s running for President”.  I had never heard of the man so I Googled him and it completely changed the way I feel about being involved in the political process.

I was mesmerized by his story and discovered that he also happened to be a Purdue University graduate.  His views on the issues made complete sense to me for the first time ever.  He is a businessman whose presidential campaign platform is based on the mantra, “Common Sense Solutions”.  He’s also not afraid to say some pretty unpopular things that need to be said in order to evoke real change.

I started doing research on the Iowa Straw Poll and even turned on the television to catch live updates.  I had no idea these candidates spent a week yucking it up at the Iowa State fair in the hopes of winning one of the best known litmus tests to see who the top presidential candidates are.  They’re singing, eating pork chops, talking on soap boxes and having tailgate parties.  On a side note, I have to say, Michelle Bachmann must have done a keg stand at her tailgate party to lock up the popular vote (I’m sure her 500 other appearances and $2 million dollars also helped – just say’in).

As luck would have it, I got to see Herman Cain speak in person tonight in my hometown.  I dragged my dad downtown to a room full of tea partiers, complete with a man in a Patriot costume.  Herman Cain is one of the most charismatic, refreshing people I have ever seen.  Smart, funny and convincing.  He’s worked his way up the corporate ladder; he sits on dozens of corporate boards; he owns his own business; he’s been President of the American Restaurant Association and beaten cancer.  In other words, he’s had practical, hands-on experience managing the problems that are plaguing this country.  And the best part, he’s not a politician.  He’s also not afraid to actually answer a question, even one from the dweeb in front who tried to get a clarification on some obscure phrase in the Constitution. 

I”m sharing my story about Herman Cain because I am outraged that he is already being written off by pollsters and mainstream media because he is not a political game player.  That’s part of what makes him so great.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to run from me at parties for fear of being brainwashed in a corner.  I don’t think I’m ready to wear a set of suspenders adorned with campaign buttons to display my patriotism.  And, I can pretty much guarantee that you will not see me at the Republican National Convention wearing a red, white and blue Uncle Sam hat while shaking my head awkwardly to some 70’s rock song.

I don’t have thousands of campaign dollars, but I do have a voice and I’m taking advantage of my privilege to use it.  No matter what your party affiliation is, take a moment and check out hermancain.com to make your own decision.

Housewives for Herman!  It has a nice ring to it.  Better than Herman’s Hoes, which is what my husband has affectionately named my political movement.  That’s right, get that economy moving again so us housewives don’t have to go back to work.  In the meantime, I’m looking for something part-time if anyone knows of anything…


18 thoughts on “A Housewife Goes To Washington

  1. I like it! Having a political science degree from the “U” and having worked on a few campaigns, I quickly realized that politics was not the career for me (because unless it is local you aren’t going to get a chance to do good). We would be much better if the (R) and (D) were removed so instead of playing games and making excuses for inaction, politicians would (gasp) actually have to work together to solve problems. I still find it funny that a few hundred people in Ames being questioned like someone wandering a mall is given so much power.

  2. Schoolhouse Rock rules. Before school ended, I received a phone call. The purpose of the call was to survey how I would vote in the Aug. 2012 primaries regarding Special Education vs. Public Safety Funding. The lady asking me the questions, asked if I was Republican or Democrat. I said Independent – because that’s what I am. I vote based on credentials, voting record, background, campaign funding – who is paying to get them elected, and character (if all they do is trash the opposing candidates, they’re not getting my vote). She kept insisting that I pick a side. I told her, there was no way I would ever do that. Thanks for the info. about Herman Cain. I will research. He would look better to me if he had graduated from U-M (gotta stick to my loyalties 😉

  3. I totally hear you – it’s obnoxious when strong candidates aren’t taken seriously! I probably won’t end up being a Cain supporter, but I agree that it is so very refreshing when non-professional politicians get involved. That can only end up being a good thing.

  4. Get out of my brain woman! The Spousal Unit and I love this guy. So refreshing and no bullshit. Loved ‘Herman’s Hoes’!, but Housewives for Herman is probably more practical!! You go girl.

  5. You told me everything I needed to know about Herman Cain. I don’t have to look anywhere else. You should get a job as a campaign manager…but I guess it’s not part-time, huh?

    thanks for explaining in one post…what the media pundits couldn’t say in one hour…what with all their blah, blah, blah, blah…and blah. 😉

  6. Just for clarification, Cain was a civilian contractor for the Navy. I heard him speak on a talk radio show my dad listens to. I have to say that my first impression on him is good. He came from nothing, his parents busted their butts to put him through school. He educated himself. He has turned several failing businesses around and made them successful. He isn’t a politician. He earned what he has today. And I don’t see him using the race card. I just hope people don’t vote for him because he is black. Race is a piss poor excuse to vote for anyone.

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