Haircut Remorse – The Curse of the Spring Pixie

Spring is here! The sweet smell of lilacs fill the air.  Robins are busy laying those gorgeous little blue eggs.  And, for some reason, I always get an overwhelming desire to cut the hell out of my long hair.

Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you are a person who looks good in short hair. Every time I get my hair cut short, I end up looking like the Dutch Boy on the front of those old paint cans – resulting in a severe case of Haircut Remorse.

The first words out of everyone’s mouth are, “You got a haircut…“ followed by a blank stare.  When loved ones tell you, “Don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re all cheeks and neck,” you can’t help but be a little self-conscious. My six year-old daughter took one look at my new do and said, “Let me go get one of my Hannah Montana wigs for you. You look like George Washington.”  What the hell?  I didn’t even get a Martha!  I’m one Lilt curly perm away from being In The Elderly

On the other hand, my mother loves it – after all, she is the poster child for bringing back the Pageboy. 

Perhaps this chronic urge to have short hair is a learned behavior from childhood when each Spring my sister and I would end up with the inevitable chin-length “Bob” or “pixie cut” at the hands of our mother. Maybe it’s an innate desire to moult in preparation for the approaching warm summer.  Or, just maybe it’s The Curse of the Spring Pixie – which sounds like a Nancy Drew bookOnly, I think it is Velma from Scooby Doo who actually has an eternal curse of the spring pixie – along with those Mr. Magoo glasses – yikes!

I realize I’m not alone. Straight. Curley. Long. Short. Most woman want what they don’t have. It always grows back. Right? And, that’s why God made extensions and “Whigs” (that was for you, George – even though I think you were an Independent).

So this spring, my cheeks may be blowing in the wind instead of my hair, but I’m taking a stand and wearing my new do in confidence.  Well, maybe I’ll keep the Hannah wig in my purse, just in case I get hit again by The Curse of The Spring Pixie.

Have you ever had The Curse of The Spring Pixie?


3 thoughts on “Haircut Remorse – The Curse of the Spring Pixie

  1. Yes! My senior year in high school I decided to go super-duper-short. I think Gweneth Paltrow and Halle Barry (spelling?) just had and I loved it. I ended up bring heart broken. My very naturally curly hair was sort of a pain in the butt and resulted in a different look… I proceeded to be obsessed with it growing back. Now, years later, I see pictures and think, “That was actually pretty cute!” I really wish I had enjoyed it at the time and had fun with it, instead of counting the seconds until it was over! Enjoy 🙂

  2. I have the curse I hate my haircut. I just turned thirteen, and now all of my friends think i look like a guy…It makes me so depressed! I got a SUPER short pixie cut, its been growing for 5 weeks, so its at an awkkward length…Right between pixie and bob:P HELP ME!…how can i look like a girl and still rock this new do?

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