Weight Watchers – The Perfect Mate

As the Lincoln rounded the corner to pick me up, I was hoping to sweat off a few more ounces in the 95 degree heat wave before the big weigh-in. My mother had the car chilled like a meat locker and Jack Jones was belting out a Sinatra standard. I prefer the 40’s era, rationing type atmosphere prior to a weigh-in as opposed to the 50’s drive-in setting. Everytime I hear a Chubby Checker song in the Lincoln, I get a hankering for a cheeseburger and malt served on a tray attached to the car window by a car hop on roller skates.
As usual, we quibbled over the fastest quarter mile route to our destination, probably working off a few more ounces. In an unprecendented move, my mother executed a three-lane horizontal change to get us to the meeting two seconds faster. Well, I surely shed a few more ounces out of fear for my life. She said, “Don’t worry, you’re safe.” I attribute the nail-biting drive to the additional 8 ounces lost on the scales that morning. Is it time to take the keys? Not yet, but I’m watching.

Joining Weight Watchers again is similar to being in a relationship. According to Cha Cha, the length of the average dating relationship in the United States is five to seven months. This is the second week, so there is still a “Care Bears and Rainbows” mentality about following the point system and keeping a diary. Every meal choice is fun and easy. I am committed. It’s the weight loss plan of my dreams and I’m sticking to it. Afterall, the plan has changed – again- this time for the better. I am not looking at food on other people’s plates. I love my points. I have no desire to cheat. And, I’m still getting gifts, paper charms, free pamphlets and the promise of jewelry. Not to mention the writing skills I am honing from keeping a food journal and blogging about my experience.

Yes, it was a fix-up, courtesy of my mother, but I think it can still work. To encourage me to stay in the relationship, my mother clipped an article out of the paper on belly fat and premature death. Nothing like those positive daily affirmations to keep you motivated. Sure it’s strange having your mother drive you on dates but if it makes her happy and keeps her motivated, I’m in.

Gotta go now. I’m late for a date with my journal.


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