A Ten Pound Victory For The Judds

Yes! We did it! The Judd’s lost their first ten pounds – each!
My mother attributed her weight-loss to obsessing less about food, her love of beans and going to the meetings with her loving daughter. To which I responded, “I attribute my weight-loss to a good diet, exercise and attending the meetings with “Grandma Tootie”. I think my mother lost a few ounces on the spot due to shear embarrassment. When I unleashed the family secret, I had no idea there was a packed house. We were sitting in a front row. When I turned around after an awkward silence, I noticed there were about 75 WW folks in the room. We’re all sis-tah’s – right?
Well, Karma is a (starts with a b and rhymes with “witch“). That evening, I was at the grocery story with my daughter. As we were checking out our favorite carry-out man says, “Hey congratulations! Your mom was in here earlier and said you lost weight!” It was 5 p.m., during the “what the heck are we having for dinner” rush hour at the store. I too, lost a few ounces from shear embarrassment. God love him, he meant well.

I also attributed my weight loss to having a mole removed during the week and remembering to take my chunky, Brighton sunglasses off of my head before stepping on the scales. Our leader said she is still working on getting us paper dresses.

One motivator I did not share with the group centered around a toilet seat incident over the weekend. My husband installed a new low-water toilet in our half-bath about six months ago. The seat has loosened over the past few weeks. I sat down on the seat and went flying into the wall. My husband screams from the other room, “Are you in there spinning around on that thing?” I thought, OMG, was my gigantic rump responsible for loosening the seat? I like to think not, but after the blow-out of my favorite Capri’s, anything is possible. Apparently, other folks are obsessing about this very issue too because I actually found discussion forums on Google about the very topic.

It is said that it takes 30 days to form a new habit. We have succeeded with flying colors, or should I say “paper stars”. Now, we have our sites set on that gold ring and are anxious to be charmed.


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