Greetings From Camp Puke

Greetings from Camp Puke!  What a thrilling three days.  Activities include Bathroom Races, Moaning Contests and Laundry Marathons.  We even get to sleep on the floor.  The camp food is great — all the Gatorade and Saltine crackers you can hold down.  Wish you were here!  Ooo, gotta go, it’s my turn to drive the bus.  Love ya.  See you soon.  P.S. Please send some Hanes (his and hers). 

Apparently a rather violent stomach virus is making its way through the community and happened to make a stop at our house.  In an unprecedented event, all three of us were deathly ill at the same time.  I’m pretty sure the dog was in charge of the household at one point.  Thank God for the Aunt who came to our rescue providing childcare for the day.  And kudos to my mother and fellow germaphobe who tossed a ten pound bag of potatoes and sack of vitamin water into the house and then quickly pealed out of the driveway to avoid exposure to the virus. 

The only casualty was a rather old, worn out pair of sleeping pants lost in a sharting incident which I consider more of a mercy killing than an actual loss.  I’m happy to report we are all on the mend and busy dousing the house in Clorox.  Hopefully, we will not return to Camp Puke for a long, long time.

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