Somebody Call 911…There Is A Fire In My Pants

As I pulled up to the elementary school today for my library shift, there was an ambulance and fire truck parked in front of the school.  My first thought was, I hope it is not my kid.  Upon entering the building, it seemed like business as usual so I went on to the Media Center.  I got settled in and began chatting with the librarian about the day’s duties.  All of a sudden I hear, “Can you show us where the Kindergarten hallway is?  I turned around and there was a fireman who resembled Mark Consuelos standing with his fire jacket slung over one shoulder.  It was Mr. March from the Hot Fireman Calendar come to life!  I thought, Oh my God, is this my Samantha Jones moment from Sex and the City?  The irony is my daughter could have been overdosing on paste or had an eye blown out from a wild spit-wad down in the kindergarten hallway and it was not going to interfere with my mind movie.  Much to soon, the fireman headed towards his journey.  I made my Sex and the City joke to the librarian and she looked at me like I had nine heads.  She has never seen an episode.  Note to self:  No more sexy fireman jokes in the library.

© 2010, Terri Spilman


5 thoughts on “Somebody Call 911…There Is A Fire In My Pants

  1. How did I miss seeing that fireman? I may not have seen the TV show but that is not to say I wouldn’t have had my own movie in my head!! thanks for the chuckle!!

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